South by Instinct – RAY FIRTH

No matter what, every picture tells a story. Each image is, in some part, a recipe for the construction of our world. It is a theory of everything, however imperfect the painters understanding of that theory and schema might be.

Every painting is a map. It is a conversation, a confession; thoughts, however naive, directed from one mind to another. Each and every painting is a statement of viewpoint and bias. It is an image from only one particular point of view. The hope, however, is that the image has some part of wisdom woven into it!

I yearn for the bright and the open, the windswept, and the rocks burnished by time. I want to know the lichen and the dust and the plaintive sigh in the casuarinas. I love the mystery of the night sky and what it does to the land. I love the quiet in unseen places, hidden by shade and solitude. I love the deepening mystery of every tiny part of this marvelous place.

That love, however, needs to understand and map the world of our experience. It is our task to remember and know the numinous, the wondrous, the beautiful, and to pass that on forever.


Night Time, Tarkine

Night time forest where the creeks meet, Tarkine
Acrylics and inks on marine ply
122 x 110cm


Ragged Ranges
The wind will ripple every pool, just as the rocks have been worried by Gods.
Acrylics and inks on archival card
83.5 x 29cm


Finding A Way

Finding a way to MacGregor Peak, Tasman Peninsula
Sometimes dry but never far from the unexpected.
Acrylics and inks on ply
54 x 54cm


Coast of Dust and Crumble, Marion Bay
Acrylics, oxide and inks on marine ply
122.5 x 81cm


Dark Forest
Acrylics and inks on marine ply
110 x 122cm


Coast and Cloud, Bruny Island
Acrylics and inks on composition board
75 x 73.5cm


The Beautiful Creek
Acrylics and inks on rag paper
59 x 55cm


Forest and Understory, Mount Field
Acrylics and inks on marine ply
122 x 83.5cm


Bruny Fragment
Acrylics and inks on marine ply
54 x 55cm


Woodland bush track, Wielangta I
Acrylics and inks on ply
53 x 53.5cm


Woodland bush track, Wielangta II
Acrylics and inks on ply
53 x 53.5cm


The Old Garden, Randalls Bay
Acrylics and inks on ply
70 x 52cm


Ralph Falls
White water finds an impossible path through the heaving rock to the mysterious forest below.
Acrylics and inks on ply laminate
52 x 122cm


Night time creek, Boobook quiet
Acrylics and inks on ply
51.5 x 53cm


Strange water, Beneath the forest
Acrylics and inks on ply
62 x 51.5cm


Passages – Exhibition by Cate Blackmore

Passage: a journey by sea or air; a privilege of conveyance as a passenger.

European history records Abel Tasman’s expedition of 1642, seeking the Great South Land. From that point in time, how many men, women and children have had passage along Tasmania’s coast; seen the granite, the sandstone and the dolerite from the sea, looking in. How many convicts, settlers, officers, merchants and now tourists have gazed upon the painted rocks, the luscious turquoise water and pristine white sand of land’s edge. How welcome was landfall…

(A tribute to the many passengers seeking to find a home in Australia.)

view the exhibition online

Refuge, exhibition by Cate Blackmore

Lux (Western Arthurs)”, acrylic media on hardboard 60 x 120cm

Refuge : exhibition of paintings by Cate Blackmore

The painted work of Cate Blackmore is raw yet intricate; wild yet subtle, abstracted yet illustrative. Refuge catches the shifting moods of a primeval and largely un-trodden Tasmanian mountain landscape. Multidimensional textured colour, the fall of light on hillside and crag and the flow of a dynamic geology evoke a place of untamed life that needs no human rationalization.

view the paintings

read the opening speech by Mark Clemens



The Arthurs

The Arthurs

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