Landscape photography with Hillary Younger

Come on a journey with Hillary Younger exploring the relationship between art and landscape photography ; from pre-visualisation to in-the-field capture, and then cutting edge aspects of a digital workflow.

The session will include:

– Learning from landscape painters
– Analysing what makes landscape images work (or not)
– RAW conversion
– Hand-blending images using masks and layers
– Working with Luminosity
– Colour Theory
– Advanced and creative dodging and burning
– Digital workflow using Photoshop CC and various plug-ins

The session is targeted towards all photographers from beginners to advanced, and is intended to provide knowledge and enhance skills to assist all in taking their photography to the next level.”

Bio: Hillary is a landscape photographer based in southern Tasmania, who travels and photographs extensively internationally. She teaches post-processing online, as well as leading in-field workshops both locally and internationally.