Grand Canyon presentation with Paul Hoelen

You are invited to share an evening with the adventurous and charismatic Tasmanian photographer Paul Hoelen. He will share an informative and entertaining account of his remarkable 350km long, 23-day mid-winter journey down the length of the mighty Grand Canyon in the USA.

This is one of the most sought after river adventures in the world for good reason! Come and share in his visual interpretations of the landscape, hear stories of some close calls, take a rare look into experiencing the canyon in flood and immerse yourself in the wonders of the one of the greatest features on this earth…



Born in New Zealand to a Dutch sailor and an American Nun, (now there’s a great story in itself!) Paul has managed to put his many passports to good use before eventually choosing to base himself in the beautiful, wild island of Tasmania. He honed his photographic skills throughout an early career in Wilderness Therapy and still remains true to his love for the natural world. Self taught, travel hungry and with a penchant for adventure, Paul thrives on diversity and has since expanded his photographic repertoire into a much wider range of genres and can regularly be found at various corners of the globe shooting landscapes, event and band photography, art commissions, environmental portraiture, boutique weddings and commercial projects.

Paul has won numerous accolades and awards for his photography both nationally and internationally, including two times AIPP Tasmanian Professional Photographer of the Year, four times AIPP Tasmanian Landscape Photographer of the Year and two times Overseas Photographer of the Year in NZ. He is an AIPP Master of Photography and Fellow of the NZIPP. He judges regularly at a state, national and international level, runs workshops and writes for numerous photographic magazines and publications worldwide. His fine art work is represented by Source Photographica in both Australia and the USA.